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Международен музикален фестивал Варненско лято

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Kristina Hinova

A few Bulgarian violinists choose to continue their studies in prestigious music establishments abroad. Endowed with talent and ambition they are the living proof that Bulgaria-born musicians are competitive across the globe. This time we introduce to you one of those violinists, young Kristina Hinova who was born in Sofia in 1990.

“I grew up in a family in which every member plays an instrument”, Kristina says. “My mother is a viola player at Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, my dad is a violinist, and my sister is a cellist. It was quite natural for me to opt for a career in music. When I was 6 I wished to play the violin. At the School of Music I started my training with Ekaterina Dramalieva, and from age 14, with Prof. Angel Stankov. I owe to him my advancement in music. He has been giving me lessons not only about music, but also about life in general. I am very grateful to him for everything he has done and continues to do for me.”

Kristina had her debut on stage at age 7, at the most prestigious hall in this country, Bulgaria Hall, and under the baton of Prof. Angel Stankov. “The most valuable thing I learned from him is that while on stage one should not think of anything but music”, the young violinist says. She has appeared as soloist with the Sofia, Varna and Burgas philharmonic orchestras and with the Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra. Kristina has won distinctions at many competitions including Young Virtuosos, Nedyalka Simeonova in Bulgaria, and George Enescu (Romania).
This summer Kristina Hinova took part in the Orpheus in Vienna festival. As part of the forum, she had the chance of working with one of the great violinists of the recent past, Erich Gruenberg. Kristina has been living in Austria over the last three years. Here are her impressions:

“The German violin school is the opposite of the Russian one that young violinists in Bulgaria get accustomed to at home. The Germans have set certain standards for the performance of the works of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. Austrian professors pay a lot of attention to them and for me this is invaluable experience.”

In 2005 Krstina Hinova won the right to play on the violin of famous Bulgarian violinist Vasko Vassilev. The unique instrument is a replica of an original instrument of the Guarneri brand and is owned by 13 Centuries Bulgaria Donation Fund.

“I had just returned from the Pancho Vladigerof Competition in Shumen. There was an audition of the candidates to win the instrument. I was happy to win the contest, and was lucky to play on this instrument four long years. It was a great opportunity provided by Vasko Vassilev and by the principal of the National School of Music Milka Miteva.”


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