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Международен музикален фестивал Варненско лято

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Ensemble Marquise

Ensemble Marquise presents early music concerts dressed in period costumes.Their repertoire is very broad, from early Baroque composers to Mozart. In the concerts the audience can hear virtuoso, lyric arias and duets for sopranos with baroque chamber accompaniment, as well as instrumental solos and trios. The harmonic combination of a male soprano and a coloratura soprano voice provides a refined special sound, and gives a unique musical experience. The performances evoke the atmosphere of the 17th -18th century through period costumes, movements and scenic accessories, inspired by paintings of that era which complement and dramatize the musical experience. The concert programs are built around different themes. The Secret Language of the Fans is well structured musical and theater program which takes the audience across Europe in the age of early music, using imagination and emotion.

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