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Международен музикален фестивал Варненско лято

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Yildiz Ibrahimova, Theodosii Spassov and Hristo Yotsov

Yildiz Ibrahimova still “makes crazy” the audiences. She graduated in opera singing. With her phenomenal voice in a range of four octaves and her amazing mastership she has conquered for 40 years now the world stage with jazz, classical music, gypsy romances, Bulgarian and Turkish folklore. In 2009 she was awarded for her outstanding contribution to jazz music by the International Festival in Nis, and in 2012 she received the Grand Prix of the Salon of Arts in Sofia.

Theodosii Spassov has developed his own unique style of playing the instrument by synthesizing traditional folklore, jazz, classical music. He has played with outstanding Bulgarian and foreign musicians. He is prize winner of numerous distinction and awards including the International Academy of Arts in Paris Award (1996), Musician of the Year (1997, 2002). T. Spassov has recorded a number of CDs, featuring his solo performances as well as with various music formations.

Hristo Yotsov has played with different jazz bands in Bulgaria, Europe, India, Canada and Japan with renowned musicians, among them S. Shterev, M. Leviev, Y. Ibrahimova, A. Scofield, A. Pieronchik, T. Garland, B. Maupen. Co-founder of Acoustic Version Group which won the two most prestigious European jazz competitions – in Belgium (1985) and Germany (1986). Since 1989 he has been leading a percussions class at the National Academy of Music in Sofia. In 1999 he was awarded Jazz Musician of the Year. In 2014 in Varna was the premiere of his Piano Concerto, and this year will be the world premiere of his new work.

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