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Международен музикален фестивал Варненско лято

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Attila Pasztor

Sometimes it’s simply adverse circumstances that prevent a world career. Attila Pasztor scored points in the Semi-finals of the 1994 Tchaikowsky Competition and his performance had already been broadcast on television and radio, when the jury was so frayed that the contest was canceled without prizes.

Attila Pasztor, winner of numerous other awards and competitions (including the “Vienna Philharmonic” award, 1 prize at the “International Chamber Music Festival Austria, 1st prize in the international competition in Liezen, 1st prize at the Bayreuth international music competition) fulfills this prototype Image of a versatile talent, which gives him the ability to look at the works from the most diverse points of view.

In addition to his numerous international appearances as a soloist and sought-after chamber musician in Europe, Asia, South America, and the USA, among others at the Wiener Festwochen, the Carinthian Summer, the Schubert Festival Warsaw, the Music Festival in Havana, and the Festival Emäsalo in Finland he also succeeded as a composer of chamber music and film music. In addition, he worked in collaboration with renowned violin makers with the sound optimization of stringed instruments. He has also been working as a product manager at the traditional Viennese company Thomastik-Infeld since 2017, where he is instrumental in the development of new strings.

The fact that he also took a law degree next to it, fits into the picture. ( I almost finished the studies- two exams missing, don´t know how to formulate it in english) In addition to his studies at the Vienna University of Music under Wolfgang Herzer and Tobias Kühne, he was trained as a soloist for six years by his legendary cellist Daniel Schafran. Pasztor plays a cello by Carlo Giuseppe Testore from 1697.

Chamber music

Attila Pasztor also has a wide field of activity in chamber music. From classical piano trio with Thomas Christian and Barbara Moser to modern formations with Jörg Widmann or the ensemble exxj for contemporary music under the direction of Peter Burwik.

Since 2011, Pasztor has been a member of the All Alba Trio with Franz Koglmann and Mario Arcari, a crossover ensemble that very successfully mixes elements of jazz with classical forms and film scores, sometimes providing surprising results and convincing the jury that the last CD of the trio was awarded the Pasticcio Prize.

For Pasztor, the boundaries between the genres are fluid anyway, as shown by his solo participation in the latest CD of the singer BIJOU.

Other chamber music partners were Lidia Baich, Andrej Lubimov, Christian Altenburger, Julius Rachlin, Peter Gülke, Jasminka Stancul, Mischa Kugel, Rene Staar, Peter Matzka, Marian Lapsansky, Zbigniew Zienkowski, Walter Delahunt, Alissa Margulis, Carlos Rivera, the Küchl Quartet. the Glinka-Arenkow Quartet and the Haydn Quartet Eisenstadt.


After composing his first film scores at the age of 17, Pasztor began studying composition at the University of Music in Vienna with Dietmar Schermann, Heinrich Gattermeyer and Michael Jarrell. In addition, he completed a two-year internship in electroacoustic music at the Sound Institute of the Vienna Music University.

In addition to various compositions for solo instruments, for string quartet and chamber orchestra, he composed a duo for violin and cello for the Vienna Secession and a piece for chamber ensemble for the Aubert Tournier Foundation, which was premiered by the ensemble Contrechamps.

In addition, Pasztor composed through-composed music for films by Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Ernst Lubitsch and Georges Melies.

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